Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Generosity of Others

Today I feel so very blessed by the generosity of others. Last week I had the idea to create a CSA for the yarns that we produce on our farm. The concept of Community Supported Agriculture has always seemed like such a logical idea. Sort of a "win win" for the farmer and the consumer.
For those of you who have not heard of the CSA concept, I will try to explain. The idea is that the farmer needs the money , up front, at the start of a season, to invest in growing food. Money for seeds, plants fertilizer etc. So, the consumer purchases a share, or two, for a set dollar amount. In return, the consumer, or shareholder, gets vegetables, or meat, all season. The value of the product is usually much greater than the dollars invested.
So, with not much more than the idea in my head,(and the help of dear friends who shared their email lists) I put the idea out there... and the response has been amazing. I think it is a true testament to what you can do when you have an idea and you don't let all of the self doubts and "what if's" get in the way. I did spend the necessary time to figure out how many shares I could safely sell so that no one would be disappointed.
Sometimes we spend so much time on the farm with the animals that we become isolated. This has been an enlightening experience for me. There are people out there, who enjoy great yarns and fibers, and appreciate what we do. To all of them my most sincere gratitude.
Now we can get back to the business of farming and growing great yarns....

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Hilary said... just realized how many friends you have????
That's because you are a dear person.
Go to my blog, and see your rug!!!