Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mud Season, Finally!

Who would have thought that we would be thrilled to see mud? But if it means that the snow is melting, well... bring it on!
Now, unlike my friends, who were pretty upset every time the snow fell, I really enjoyed the constant snowfall this winter. It certainly helped keep the fleeces clean. Each time the snow fell, and the sheep laid it in with their wool coats... more and more dirt was removed! The challenge will be doing damage control, now that the mud is here, until shearing time. I have about two weeks to worry about keeping thing as clean as possible. Wish me luck!
Spring , in my mind, is a time for renewal. a time to start over. A time to try new things. Well, I have decided to add another yarn to offer my customers. The wool and mohair is at the mill now and I am anticipating its return in about 90 days. This is a new lopi style yarn, not as chunky as what I have done in the past... so we shall see what my shareholders and customers think of it.
I had better get back to work.... I will keep youposted on this new yarn..