Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Barnyard Cure For "What Ails You"

Today is November 19Th. It has recently turned chilly in our neck of the woods. When I walked to the barnyard this morning, I habitually look for signs of chilly sheep or goats, especially the goat kids. It still amazes me, even after all of these years, that they don't seem to get cold. I know, I know, they have wool and mohair coats on, but still.. it is cold out there. And, they lay on the cold hard ground. But, there they were this morning, laying peacefully, chewing their cuds.... all was well.
If you have never been in a barnyard full of sheep and goats, or any animals I suppose, when all is well,and things are in balance.. there is a sense of serenity that I have been hard pressed to find elsewhere. I guess that is why I continue to do this.
There are times, when slugging through the cold , and often wet conditions, can seem very unappealing. But, experience tells me that once I am dressed appropriately, and arrive at the barn, somehow, magically almost, the dread of miserable weather ... seems to evaporate. It is replaced by the feeling that all is well with the world. I guess we like to feel that we can control the world around us. One thing this farming life has taught me, is that it is certainly not true. Accidents and bizarre happenings, both delightful, and sometimes sad, happen in the barnyard as they do in other aspects of life. Perhaps knowing, that I can't control the events of life, makes being in this harmonious environment all that much more satisfying. Who knows really? I just know that my soul is at peace here, in the mud and manure, more than any other place on earth.
Now that it is cold, it might as well snow. The sheep and goats will stay much cleaner if it snows every few days.... the snow sort of pulls the dirt , right out of the fleece.
Back in the house, I have begun dyeing the new yarns that have just come back from the mill. I have some already in the studio, which are getting a great response from out customers and friends.It will be a couple of weeks before the remaining yarn gets dyed. You can't rush this.... I have tried, and all I got was muddy colors and frustration...
This coming Sunday, I hope to make the trip to New Hampshire to drop off even more fleeces, to be processed into yarn. This should be one of the nicest yarns yet, with a really high mohair content.. the return date for this yarn will be February, 2009..
I hope you are all staying warm, if you need any "sheep and goat therapy" just give us a call. We will sit you on a rock in the barnyard with a bag of carrots... you will be instantly more popular than you can imagine..

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